Michaela Kevelyová
I'm moving forward with a smile and I'm happy to have you here with me.

Project to gain support stem cell therapy


I was born as a healthy baby to my beloved mommy Gizka and daddy Steve. My childhood was wonderful. We used to travel a lot to explore the beauties of Slovakia - mostly the castles, we have so many unforgettable memories. They say, that I became a lovely and self-confident young lady. I really love traveling, exotics, the beauty of nature, the sea, warm weather... I like to paint or sing and I love animals. My dream is to travel the whole world. I´m living my everyday worries and joys just like every other teenager in my age. I have a loving family, an amazing brother and many many supporters.You probably ask yourself, why supporters? ... well that is what my story is about... Just like every other young person, I wanted to make my dreams come true. I wanted to travel and decided to go to Cyprus. I planned to stay there for few months, but one day, everything changed. My body failed and its only thanks to my friends that I am still alive. My parents transported me back to Slovakia. Even though the doctor's statements were really skeptical I did not give up. My fight is long and difficult, but I refuse to give up. Just as I fulfilled my promise to Vilo and Boris, the dance at my prom, I will fulfill the promise I made to myself - to win this fight...